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Our Mission:

We want to help families through this difficult time by providing the highest quality granite headstones and bronze memorials at a reasonable price. In addition, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining our strong integrity.

United Memorials Headstone and Bronze Arlington is our 2nd family owned location and a direct manufacture company. We create all monuments, headstones in house and offer it directly to families in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and all Tarrant County.  A great benefit of buying from us is you will not be dealing with the middlemen and their high markup prices. We are able to offer superior quality, workmanship, and customize headstone at a reasonable and affordable price.

At United Memorials, we work hard to make sure our families are treated with respect and care during this difficult time. Allow us to create an everlasting memorial for your loved one. We ensure that your family will be satisfied.

Affordable Prices

You will find our prices about 25% - 50% less of what the cemeteries and other companies charge. We manufacture headstone ourselves, providing our customers high quality products at the lowest possible prices. Because we cut out middlemen, no mark-up price.

Superior Service and Quality

Dependable, informative and caring are few of many great things families can expect from us.

Unlimited Engraving

Unlike other companies, we DO NOT charge for engraving on Granite only memorial. As long as it fits, we'll engrave it for free. If you have any custom emblems, characters, or write in different language, we will engrave for FREE

Our Headstone and Bronze Marker can be delivered and installed at all Cemeteries.

We do business with all local cemeteries. We understand all the rules and regulations that are placed at their cemetery. When you order through us, we will assist you with all the paperwork. We guarantee that it will meet their requirements and that it will be approved by them. Once the headstone complete, we can deliver and have it installed at the cemetery.

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